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Pendulum "Wish Bottle" Necklace on Stanless Steel Chain

$ 33.00

This beautiful necklace is also a pendulum. The energy of the gemstone in the bottle help to heighten the energy and clarity of this piece of jewelry/spiritual tool. The 22" necklace chain  is Stainless Steel and hypoallergenic. The links can be used to shorten it if so desired. Total length of the "Wish Bottle" is 5".

Wish Bottle: a glass tube containing gemstones. One centers on the outcome-healing desired and holds the pendulum over the affected area, e.g., legs, stomach, heart, mind, etc.

Each "Wish Bottle" has a clear quartz ball at the top and a clear quartz hexagon point on the end.

Gemstone Properties in different Wish Bottles:

Quartz: removes negative energy, balances energy, makes a connection between mind with spirit.

Stainless Steel: protection from psychic attacks, extreme negativity; adds strength; is hypoallergenic

                 Properties of the different variations of the necklace:

Amethyst: stone of faithful love, of dignity, passion, creativity and spirituality.

Chakra Stones: Garnet-root; Orange Calcite-Sacral; Citrine-Solar Plexus; Green Aventurine-Heart; Amazonite-Throat; Azurite-3rd Eye; Amethyst-Crown. These stones align our key centers for better health and well-being.

Citrine: is a stone of manifestation, enhances imagination and one’s personal will.

Clear Quartz: removes negative energy, balances energy, makes a connection between mind with spirit.

Fluorite-Rainbow: Protection, heightens mental & psychic abilities, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, brings intuition, spiritual awakening, communication, healing

Green Aventurine: “Stone of Opportunity,” brings wealth & prosperity; is grounding.

Lapis: “stone of total awareness,” expands intellectual capacity, attunes intuition, communication, healing

Rose Quartz: the “love stone,” promotes unconditional love, for others, builds self-esteem & self-worth

Tourmaline: is grounding, calming, protective, brings self-love, eases