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Rhodocrosite, White Mountain "Jade" and Silver Lotus Charm Stretch Bracelet

$ 22.00

Rhodocrosite gemstones are deep pink and purple, rich in tone and they are contrasted and illuminated in this comfy stretch bracelet by the pure white Mountain "Jade." The antique silver Lotus Charm sets off the theme of spirit and love.

The bracelet has 6mm round beads and comes in 5 sizes. If you need an in-between size, please specify in the notes when you purchase and we will make one to fit your wrist exactly.

Properties Are:

Rhodocrosite: aids in emotional healing; assists with meditation and feeling joy & happiness.
White Mountain “Jade” (dolomite family): opens the heart; brings patience, constancy, and loyalty; detoxifies & helps to eliminate heavy minerals.
Silver: calms and brings balance
Lotus Flower: symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.