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White Cave Red Jasper Donut Pendant Necklace on Gold-plated Spiral Bail.

$ 20.00 $ 14.00

This Jasper has deep reds in it with white and black spirals. It can be quite deep red if red is the primary color or more light red with more white. No two stones are alike. It is hung on a black leather cord that is adjustable from 30' to 16"

Properties are:

White Cave Red Jasper: gives both physical and spiritual protection; brings endurance, energy, focus & determination
Copper: heals, alleviates lethargy & restlessness
Leather: brings durability and warmth to a person.

Cannot guarantee this exact color as some stones are deep red, like this, some are striped, and some are much lighter. That is the nature of many jasper gemstones.