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Quartz: Its Properties and Benefits to the Wearer

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Quartz: Its Properties and Benefits to the Wearer



Quartz—Clear quartz





Buying and wearing a clear quartz piece of jewelry will help you to find more balance and harmony in life.

Quartz is the most abundant mineral found in the earth. A quartz crystal has prismatic qualities which make it beautiful to the eye and it also has pyro-electrical qualities. For example, if you squeeze a quartz crystal, it will emit a small electrical current. Quartz crystals have polarity and, when held in the hand, the tip of the crystal (or the edge) can turn from positive to negative and send energy out from its end (or edge).

 Additionally, if you pass electricity through quartz, it vibrates at a precise frequency (it shakes an exact number of times each second) and this, of course, helps to keep watches with quartz batteries  running very accurately.

The most common kinds of quartz used in jewelry are: clear quartz, rose quartz, smokey quartz, amethyst, green amethyst, lemon quartz, and citrine. The difference in the kind of quartz depends on the added minerals in the stone. Thus, all quartz crystals are primarily made of silicon dioxide. Rose quartz gets its color from microscopic fibers within it, rather than an added mineral. Smoky quartz has sodium in it to give it the dark, smokey color. Amethyst has manganese in it and some iron—the amount of iron in it determines how deep the purple color is. Depending on the amount of other minerals in amethyst, when it is heated it will either turn green and produce what is called Green Amethyst, or turn yellow, which is called citrine.  When the saturation of color in citrine is light, it is called lemon quartz. All of these stones are in the quartz family.

The focus here is on clear quartz. Clear quartz is considered to have the ability to capture negative energy. Almost all stones will capture energy from the environment, but clear quartz is considered one of the strongest for capturing negative energy. As a result, it is advised to “wash” the stone in sea salt to clear it of negative energy. Wearing a clear quartz stone can alleviate one’s own negativity and can capture inside it others’ negativity.

Quartz can help to balance one’s energy, to balance the natural rhythms of the heart with its precise electrical beats. It can help to make a connection between mind and spirit, so it is useful in meditation. It can help with speaking by transforming thoughts into sound. It helps to align our energies and our emotions. Its natural tendency is to bring harmony and is considered a “stone of power.”

There are many other metaphysical properties to clear quartz. Basically, this is a power stone for clearing negative energy, harmonizing our best selves, and bringing our spirituality into our physical reality.

Written by Sandra Jeffs

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