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Save the African Elephants

African Elephants are being poached relentlessly and the money goes to fund different terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. Within just a few years these magnificent animals with be extinct. Elephants have been killed for years for their ivory tusks which were valued mostly in Europe and America but buying ivory is now illegal in both regions. It is, however, still prized in many thriving Asian countries and bought without restriction. As a result, poaching has increased dramatically as terrorist groups have recognized the capital returns they could use to fund their activities. It is imperative to stop this poaching in order to stem the flow of cash going to terrorists.

Additionally, and equally important, is the loss of these amazing animals who have been documented to feel great sorrow at the death of another elephant. In the original Tarzan movies they showed the elephants traveling long distances to their burial grounds to die. This shows an innate intelligence and socialization similar to humans.

Elephants are the largest mammals on earth and one of the most intelligent.

Elephants have been studied to find out how they can communicate with other members of their herd when there is danger, or there is water or food, etc. The research is ongoing and has found that they mainly "vocalize" in four different ways: rumbles, trumpets, chirps & roars and can communicate over 100 different messages.

They can also receive information from their feet through the vibrations coming from the earth. Their feet are extremely sensitive and can feel the vibrations of the earth to interpret earthquakes or other elephants stomping out information from a long distance.

To find out more about elephants, check out the links at the bottom of this page and to get involved in saving these animals, here are a few of the many organizations working to saving these animals: 

Wild Aid:

Elephant Highway:

Clinton Global Imitative to Stop Elephant Poaching:

Bloody Ivory:

SOS Elephants:


WildAid Video on Saving the African Elephants

Year of the Elephant | #JoinTheHerd from WildAid on Vimeo.

  1. Elephant Info-graphic Video


Below is an interesting link to a book by Kimberly Day about saving an elephant and more information on saving the African Elephant

 Here is a video about Timbo, the Indomitable Elephant


Links about and to organizations dedicated to saving the elephants:

The low-frequency sounds elephants use to communicate with each other is summarized by Audubon at:

Check out this National Geographic video on how elephants “understand” through the vibrations from the earth felt through their sensitive feet.:

Vocalizations of Elephants:

Go to Kimberly Day's Website at to find more information on the plight or the elephant.

Information gathered and written by Sandra Jeffs.