Emerald-May Birthstone

Emeralds are the birthstone for May. Just as spring is a time of renewal, emeralds are considered a stone of renewal. Emeralds have one of the most lustrously deep, green color of all the green gemstones. It is considered a “precious” gemstone. It has been prized for centuries and described as “nothing greens greener” by Pliny the Elder.

Aquamarine - March Birthstone

A gift from the sea –  properties & Care 

Aquamarine is from two Latin words: aqua which means water; and marina which means of the sea. As a result, aquamarine is a stone that evokes all of the mysteries and blessings of the sea. It was considered a “sailor’s gem” and thought to provide protection from danger and to give victory in battle.

Coral - a gift from the sea - Coral's qualities; How to buy coral; and How to care for coral

Coral has an ocean energy. It was, in fact, first thought to be a plant and was later learned to be an invertebrate animal that belongs to a group called Cridaria. Other animals in the same group as coral are Jelly fish and sea anemones.

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