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About Us

We have unique, handmade rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings., mostly in silver but some gold. Our handmade jewelry uses fine or Sterling silver with semi and precious stones and pearls.

Jewelry is an expression of ourselves. It, along with our style of dress, makeup, and hair are the first impression we give the world. Before we are able to speak, how we look tells the world who we are.  Our goal at Finesse Jewelry is to have many unique and quality handmade jewelry designs tor rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can proclaim your individuality. Many of our designs are one of a kind and, even in our designer lines, each piece is made by hand, so no two pieces are exactly alike. We also have some manufactured lines that reflect our theme of self-awareness and spirituality.

Gemstones are part of the earth and have qualities that have been scientifically documented. For example, quartz crystals emit an electrical impulse that is so regular that they can keep accurate time in our watches. Other stones have magnetic qualities, and so on.  Wearing a particular gem stone can enhance your health and well being as well as improve your emotional state or mental clarity. We have designed our jewelry with the qualities of the stones in mind and pass these qualities onto you as the wearer.  [See the Blog page for more information on the characteristics of stones.]

Each jewelry piece is identified with its characteristics, so you can buy a piece to strengthen an intention to have more love in your life, or more money, or more wisdom, as a few examples. Jewelry can be a secret enhancer to your overall well-being and success in life

We at Finesse Jewelry bless each piece of jewelry that we make or purchase with the highest and best intention for your, our customer. 

 For over 50 years, the study of gemstones and stones has been a passion for our founder and owner, Sandra Jeffs. She has been selling jewelry for over 14 years and is passionate about making beautiful and quality jewelry that adds value to your life.  Our company is listed in Jeweler's Circular Keystone for our unique pieces.

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