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Using a Focus Emblem to Change Your Life

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Using a Focus Emblem to Change Your Life

Changing Your Life and/or Achieving Your Goals is a Little Easier with the use of a Jewelry Focus Emblem

  • How many times in your life have you wanted something, set a goal and still didn’t succeed with it?

  • How many more times have you re-set the goal and then given up?

  • Are there things you’d like to have, or do, or be that you have completely given up on and won’t try anymore?

  • What is the difference that makes a difference in getting what you desire?

The difference that makes a difference is setting a clear intention, focusing, and taking action. Our intention when purchasing something, when doing something, and when working towards an end is critically important. Intention is so important that the law uses it to distinguish between a crime and an accident, i.e., a person hits another person and if the assaulter intended to hit the other person, it is a crime; otherwise it is an accident.

When we speak about intention as a pro-active force, it can create amazing results. I once had a time in my life when I owed $50,000 and had a job sufficient to pay it off in 3 years time while meeting my living expenses, but no extra money. I also had many places in the world that I wanted to travel to and I made a list of 13 places I wished to go with no idea how I could ever afford even one trip. Since my main goal was to pay off the debt, I set about doing that and opened my mind to other ways to generate money. I bought a small jade frog that I put in my wallet because, in the Japanese culture, the word for ‘frog’ and for ‘return’ are pronounced the same. They believe that a frog in your wallet means all the money you spend will return to you. I set the intention that I would fulfill my goals to pay off my debt and go to all 13 of the places on my list.


I was quite unattached to the process, and just open to what would come and before long I had enough money to go on my first trip, then a second, and so on. By the end of the three years I had gone to 11 of the 13 places and the last two places were re-visits that I had decided along the way not to do. Let me stress that these trips were a week or two long at the least and that two of the trips lasted for 6 weeks each (driving around the British Isles for 6 weeks and 6 weeks in the wilds of Borneo) so the expenses were high and not just a weekend drive somewhere.  Still, I achieved all I had set out to do, became debt free and traveled everywhere I desired, within the time frame of three years.

How can you do this? 

Here are ten steps for achieving a goal:  


  1. Clearly decide what you want and define it in detail– make a list of how it will feel to have the outcome, what it will look like, sound like, etc.

  2. Assess how you can achieve your goal(s).

  3. Set a plan in action for what you think you can achieve based on your current and realistic expectations of resources.

  4. Buy a symbol that will help you focus on your goal(s). This can be anything: a piece of jewelry, a talisman, a piece of artwork, an item of clothing, a knick knack, a throw pillow, etc. [NOTE: it is important that you purchase something new, not recycled or used by others and nothing you already own. An old piece is difficult to ‘reprogram’ with your positive intent and, if not reprogrammed, you can have subconscious energy in it that sabotages you. Be safe, be sure and buy new.]

  5. Every time you look at, wear, or use the symbol, think of your intention to create that certain outcome in your life, how it will feel and sound, and visualize the outcome you want.

  6. Take action!  This is critical. We create the magic in our lives by our actions. If you are lazy and think it should fall in your lap, GET REAL. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get your outcome, which means, of course, only do honest and helpful things with no harm to self or others. Just be willing to do the hard work if that’s what’s necessary. Be willing to take massive action.

  7. Stay unattached—stay out of fear or anxiety or expectation as those things will become obstacles to your future attainment. Sometimes life has a different (even better?) path for us and we’ll miss it if we are attached to another specific outcome. Stay out of judgment of yourself or your progress.

  8. Stay focused on what you can do and open to whatever possibilities come along so you can grab them.

  9. Remain in gratitude for all that is. Gratitude for the effort you put out, the helpful people in your life, your health, your intelligence or anything and everything that assists you. Even feel grateful for the obstacles because they push you to find solutions and strengths in yourself you might not have known before. Finally, express gratitude when your outcome is realized.

  10. Be patient. Sometimes life takes longer to give us our outcome than we dreamed. Never give up on a goal worth achieving, knowing that your focus will bring it about when it is time. In order to be patient, you have to trust the process and yourself.


How can buying a piece of jewelry as a focus emblem create the reality you want?

Everything is made of energy—every object, every animal, every person, every plant is a collection of atoms and molecules arranged in a certain way. Science is still discovering much about our world and how it works.

A study done by Dr. Masaru Emoto[1] in Japan has found that water, which is an extremely malleable element, has unique crystal formations . He froze water to see the crystal formations and the same water in one form is a disjointed or ‘ugly’ formation and then alters when exposed to positive input. Dr. Emoto put the water crystals under a microscope and photographed them. See the photos of polluted water and the same water after a blessing prayer is said over it. Then he exposed distilled water to the word in Japanese for ‘soul’ and the same water for ‘demon.’ such as “demon” or “You make me sick. I will kill you,” and the water changed dramatically. Finally see the example of water exposed to a positive word such as “Thank you” or “Love and appreciation!” 

The implications of this are vast when we think about the power of our words, feelings and our intentions. Water may be easier to see the changes that occur when exposed to positive and negative, and still all substances are likely to take on the energy just as water does. Given that, we must guard against negativity in our life and expose ourselves to as much positive intent and positive energy as possible. 

When you buy a piece of jewelry, or an art object, etc. and you bless it with your positive intention, it takes on that energy and even though the outward appearances of the object seem the same, the molecules are vibrating to the intention you blessed it with just  as the water does in the Emoto study above. Then, when you hold it, or wear it or gaze at it, your own molecules line up with it and you are more empowered. You actually become a magnet drawing your outcome to you. This is so important I am going to repeat it; you must do the necessary actions to get your outcome. Sitting and waiting for ‘manna to drop from heaven’ is a type of attachment. Stay unattached to how or where or when it comes and just DO whatever you have to do. Does that mean that manna won’t drop from heaven? The answer needs to be, “IT doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t matter if it comes from heaven, from work, from an investment, from a windfall, from a friend, an inheritance, or anywhere else. Stay unattached and open to anything and everything and do what you must do.

  How powerful can an emblem be?

I had a time when I went to live and work abroad. I took two suitcases of clothes with me and had to buy all the household items to keep house for the next four years. I had just finished my three-year certification as a Feng Shui practitioner and consultant so I knew about the power of intention. Every item I bought I blessed: every spoon and fork, every towel and sheet, every piece of furniture and every plant was blessed with the highest and best interest for myself.

I created a home with incredible positive energy. People would come to visit me and, standing in the foyer where all they saw was a table with a vase of flowers and a water fountain, they would comment on how beautiful my home was. I do have a flair for decorating but since they couldn’t see my decorating style, I believe they were reacting to the energy field I had created. The longer someone stayed the more at peace and harmony they felt and the more they would comment on how fantastic they felt in my home. This is the power of intention. This is hard to measure and valuable beyond measure.

All products and services from Finesse Jewelry are blessed with the following:


At Finesse Jewelry our handmade one-of-a-kind pieces are blessed at the creative design stage, the materials purchasing stage, the making stage and then ready for purchase by a buyer. Our manufactured pieces are likewise blessed at the purchasing stage and prior to being packaged for purchase. All our brochures, our equipment and packaging have been blessed so that everything that comes from us to the buyer has a positive intent behind it. 


We do not guarantee that you will get your hearts desire by buying one of our products. Sometimes spirit has a different path for us than we have envisioned, and sometimes we block ourselves from our own achievements. We at Finesse Jewelry cannot know your highest and best interest. What we do is produce the best products that we can with positive intent for your best interest. The rest is up to you.

Imagine a world where things were designed and created with the highest and best interests of all concerned? 

Imagine if every item we bought was purchased with a conscious intent for the best outcomes for us and any others?

               How would this affect our personal overspending, our greed?

               How would this affect our societal problems?

 How would this affect global warming?

How would it affect other environmental problems

How would this affect intolerance and hatred

How would this affect graft and corruption?

               How would this affect self-abuse or degradation of self or others?       


It is the intent of Finesse Jewelry that this article will help people achieve their dreams. We hope, of course, that you will want to buy one of our beautiful jewelry pieces to help you in this process. Still, the main intent here is for you to achieve your desires and you can apply your own blessing to any product. This is something that we hope you will begin to do with all your purchases e.g., vitamins, food, etc. and begin to live consciously. We believe that the added blessing that Finesse Jewelry does with its products enhances your blessings beyond what you could do on your own.  


Written by Sandra Jeffs

[1] Messages from Water, ; Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystals, ; Welcome to the World of Water

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