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Aventurine and Black Onyx with Lava Stretch Infusion Bracelet for all Genders-Good Feng Shui

$ 18.00

A truly luscious bracelet with the large faceted focal. Stretches to fit with ease and comfort.

The lava rock is porous and you can apply essential oils onto the rock on the back of your wrist. Only use blended oils because the pure, non-blended can cause irritation on the skin. Rub it on the lava beads and on your pulse point. Wearing ia bracelet infused with essential oils will continue to infuse the health benefits from the oils to you. Most oils last on the lava rock for 48 hours and then need to be reapplied.

Comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Ex Large to accommodate wrist sizes and for comfort.

If you have a unique wrist size, order the closest size and send a note for the EXACT SIZE and we will make one to your size.

Properties Are:

Green Aventurine: “Stone of Opportunity,” brings wealth & prosperity; is grounding.

Black Onyx: Balances the energy, Centers and aligns the total person

Lava Beads: Adds courage, stability, fire or energy to one’s life. Helps diminish negativity in one’s self.