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Emerald Line Ring on Argentium Silver

$ 30.00

These are rondelle shaped  "Sakota" Brazilian emeralds. There are approximately 1 carat of emerald in GENUINE emeralds in a dark, rich green.  The ring band is Argentium silver (Argentium Silver contains 95.8% silver, more silver than Sterling at 92.5%) and it is whiter, brighter than Sterling Silver and resists tarnishing.

Our rings come in 7 sizes.

Properties are:

Emerald: this is a gem that affirms life; opens the heart Chakra and calm emotions. It provides inspiration, balance, wisdom and patience.
Silver (Argentium): silver calms and brings balance; Argentium: increases perception, regulates emotions & intuitive energy. Argentium Silver is 95.8% and resists tarnishing.