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Fluorite and Lava "Infusion" Stretch Bracelet with Silver beads

$ 18.00

This easy to wear and delightful stretch bracelets bring healing from the fluorite. The black lava is worn at the back of the wrist, over your pulse point, where you can apply a drop or two of Essential Blended Oil onto the lava beads and it will continue "infusing" the oil at your pulse point and adding value and healing to the wearer for as long as you are wearing the bracelet.

Typically, the essential oil will last on the lava for 48 hours, at which point you should reapply the oil.

[NOTE: do not wear these bracelets in the bath or while sleeping because soaps and repeated tugs on it could weaken it.]

Fluorite-Rainbow: Protection, heightens mental & psychic abilities, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, brings intuition, spiritual awakening, communication, healing
*Fluorite stays at the vibration level it is raised to. Our crystals have been raise to the 12th Dimension and will stay there, will gently raise your own vibration by wearing it, safely and appropriately for you.
Lava Beads: Adds courage, stability, fire or energy to one’s life. Helps diminish negativity in one’s self. Transformation.
Silver: calms and brings balance