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Fluorite (purple) Hexigonal Point Necklace on a 22" Steling Silver Chain or black cord

$ 20.00

Fluorite comes in a range of colors: green, blue, pink, purple, and rainbow. A lot of it is mined in China and Brazil. It is one of the only gemstones in the world that can have it's energy vibration raised and it can not be lowered.

Finesse Jewelry has raised each of these stones to at least the 12th Dimension Level and owning, wearing, holding it can raise your vibration al level (most people are at the 3rd Dimensional Level), which will add in better healing and well-being and aid in stepping into the elements listed below for this fluorite.


 Fluorite-purple: Protection, lessons bad dreams, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, heals
*Fluorite stays at the vibration level it is raised at. Our crystals have been raise to the 12th Dimension and will stay there, will gently raise your own vibration by wearing it.
Silver: calms and brings balance.

NOTE: What you receive may not look exactly like the picture because each gemstone point is different; they are natural stones and no two are exactly alike.