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Fluorite Solid Bead STretch Bracelet

$ 22.00

Fluorite is one of the top healing stones. To wear this on your wrist, activates a major point to send the healing energy through your system. It is a beautiful mix that is mostly green fluorite but also has some rainbow or purple, or rainbow, et. beads.

Sizes are standard. If your wrist is slightly smaller or larger than the inch size listed, Beads are 8mm

write a note to us with your measured wrist size an we';; do our best to get you a bracelet in your correct size.

Properties are:

Fluorite-Rainbow or green: Protection, heightens mental & psychic abilities, relieves stress & spiritual discomfort & physical blockages, brings intuition, spiritual awakening, communication, healing
*Fluorite stays at the vibration level it is raised to. Our crystals have been raise to the 12th Dimension and will stay there, will gently raise your own vibration by wearing it, safely and appropriately for you.