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Lava Bead, Tibetan Silver Spiral Beads Stretch Infusion Bracelet for men or women

$ 9.75

 This bracelet has a focus of 3 Tibetan Silver beads with a spiral design. The Tibetan beads pop against the dark, rich lava beads. Put a drop of essential oil on the lava beads and rub it around and on the back of the wrist for well-being.

Comes in five sizes: Ex Small, Small, Medium, Large, Ex Large to accommodate wrist sizes and for comfort.

If you have a unique wrist size, order the closest size and send a note for the EXACT SIZE and we will make one to your size.

Properties are:

Lava Beads: Adds courage, stability, fire or energy to one’s life. Helps diminish negativity in one’s self. aids in transformation.
Silver: calms and brings balance

Spiral: Sacred Geometry: symbol of our spiritual development and our identity with the Universe; points to wholeness and dynamic growth