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Ruby Stud Earrings in Silver

$ 60.00 $ 30.00

Elevate Your Everyday Elegance: Discover the Timeless Beauty of Our Ruby Stud Earrings in Premium Argentium Silver

Product Description:

Introducing our exquisite Ruby Stud Earrings, the perfect blend of elegance and everyday wearability. Each earring features a stunning 4mm ruby, meticulously set in Argentium 95.8 silver. Known for its superior silver content and resistance to tarnish, Argentium silver ensures your earrings maintain their brilliant shine and beauty over time. These versatile studs are ideal for daily wear, whether worn alone or as a charming addition to a second ear piercing.



  • Love: Enhances feelings of affection and passion.
  • Nurturing: Encourages emotional growth and care.
  • Health: Promotes physical well-being and vitality.
  • Knowledge: Stimulates intellectual growth and clarity.
  • Wealth: Attracts prosperity and financial success.
  • Energy: Boosts vitality and stamina.
  • Concentration: Improves focus and mental clarity.
  • Compassion: Fosters empathy and kindness.

Argentium Silver:

  • Calm: Promotes a sense of tranquility and peace.
  • Balance: Helps maintain emotional and mental equilibrium.

Embrace the timeless beauty and positive properties of rubies and silver with these elegant stud earrings. Perfect for any occasion, they offer a sophisticated touch to your everyday look.