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Unalome Symbol with Lotus on Top-Stainless Steel

$ 15.00

This is the Unaloma symbol with the Lotus symbol on top of it. It is a very delicate design and is often on Yaga mats, as well as jewelry. Unalome is found in many cultures going back millennia, such as in Greek, Hindu, Buddhist cultures, etc. It has a deep and meaningful symbolism (see below):


Unaloma Symbol: holds within it the entire philosophy of human existence; in Buddhism, it represents the path we take in life; our journey – the story of our lives. The path can be winding or convoluted, but it eventually ends in a straight path, symbolizing mental freedom and enlightenment.

Image of a lotus at the top of the Unalome, symbol of creation, rebirth, strength, power; innocence, modesty, purity.

Stainless Steel: strength, protection & blocks negative energy.